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Monday, March 17, 2014 . 0 word(s) .
Alhamdulillah , i'm HERE again . Long time I leave my Lovely blog . I miss it so much (!) . Something happened with me . Alhamdulillah someone came to be friend . He been friends with me hust new.. Alhamdulillah I'm happy with him 

Let to talk about my "PLATONIC LOVE". *woahh . its hot new Lol :P. Like shit okay (!) Herm , He's to me is a nice person to call me hang or iella or sayang :) .and I call Him Amin or Min or Sayang too :D we happy each other..He'll be the person beside me when no one is not here with me ..He will be the person who always with me ... :)

Hm,I love to stay with him..and to be a right person,..i think i'm fall in love with him.But,in the same time,.He love someone.its hurt to me :'/ What must i do ? :'/Dia still sayangkan someone yang dah tinggalkan dia,.and he said,.dia "terlalu" sayangkan perempuan tu..:'/ its hurt . so hurt. Sometimes,ila terfikir,..apa kurangnya ila ? apa lebih nya perempuan tu..Kenapa dia tak langsung bagi peluang dekat ila untuk try jaga dia ,? Kenapa dia buat macam ila tak wujud ?,.ila iklas,..ila nak cuba,.ila rasa dia boleh buat hati ila kurang rasa kesakitan yang lalu,.and ila dapat buat buat dia happy..but ? hm Dont think anymore. because its so hurt.. . its okay,.:'(
Before that ,did you know what the meaning PLATONIC LOVE ? Platonic love is the love that is not couple life ,.A girl and a boy that are closed friends .That can't ever never has lust between each other .They can have fizical touch but they can't have lust between each other . You want more information : watch HACKS . "hanya aku cinta kau seorang"movie.Then you more understood..

Amin, thanks you very much because stay with me .I hope you will happy forever and ever .Insyaallah ,